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Colors of Breastfeeding Photo Winner! #BlackMaternalHealthWeek

Miami-Dade WIC, in collaboration with the BreastfeedMIAMI community collective and the Florida International University’s HRSA-funded MCH Catalyst program, were highlighted in a photo contest honoring Black Maternal Health Week by the US Department of Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA). The photo selected by HRSA was captured during a 2021 initiative titled “The Colors of Breastfeeding” which aimed to augment the imagery of black women and families breastfeeding as well as normalize breastfeeding and interrupt generational traumas. The mother in this photo was a former Miami-Dade WIC breastfeeding peer counselor. She and her family show that black women do breastfeed and do so for extended periods of time (tandem nursing her baby and toddler). The image is currently being highlighted on the HRSA website here: Additional Grantee Spotlights | MCHB (

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